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Mango Wood - Isn't that a fruit?

What is Mango Wood?

Mango wood comes from the heartwood of the tree, which is the hard, dense center of the trunk. It is said that Mango trees can grow to an age of 1000 years old.

Mango wood is categorised as a hardwood, due to its dense grains. This means it is a strong and durable wood making it perfect for furniture. Due to the density of the wood, it doesn’t wear out easily and can keep its high lustre texture for many years. However, unlike other hardwood furniture, Mango wood is often seen as more affordable and sustainable.
Mango wood is used in the production of many pieces of furniture including Dining tables, dining chairs, wardrobes, coffee tables and various other pieces of wooden furniture in homes around the world.

Where is Mango Wood From?

Although it can be grown in different parts of the world, Mango trees are best grown in East Asia. This is due to the fact they need high temperatures in order to grow well. Mango Wood is harvested when the tree has reached maturity and has fallen over naturally. Mango wood is prized for its beautiful grain that is often described as "flowing". It can vary in colour from a pale yellow to a rich dark orange. The wood itself is very dense, making it very hard and durable. It also has a high natural oil content which makes it self-sealing, weather resistant and anti-fungal.

Benefits of Mango Wood Furniture

    • Durable: Mango wood is a durable, hardwood which makes it perfect for creating bespoke furniture designs. It has a strength comparable to Ash and Oak, meaning it doesn’t wear out quickly and ages beautifully, giving you peace of mind that you’ll have beautiful furniture for decades to come.
    • Sustainable: The trees themselves are also able to withstand the intense pressures of harvesting without being completely destroyed. They can easily grow back even after heavy pruning, making Mango wood highly sustainable.
    • Aesthetically Pleasing: Mango wood furniture has a natural, earthy colour and texture that can easily draw attention to your space. The unique patterns and grain on the wood make each piece of furniture a one of a kind. 

Much of our furniture is made from Mango Wood, giving you peace of mind that your furniture will be long lasting whilst being a better alternative to the environment.


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