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Free Delivery on All Orders! | Lots of Items Available for Quick Delivery!
Free Delivery on All Orders! | Lots of Items Available for Quick Delivery!

The Sophisticated Sofas Way

Where It All Began... 

We started SophisticatedSofas in the midst of the Covid-19 Pandemic. What started off as the desire to upgrade the furniture in our own home, the shops being closed and online being our only option; has now turned into a growing company offering everyone the opportunity to upgrade their furniture without even leaving the house.

What We Wanted...

In creating SophisticatedSofas, we wanted to build a space that would offer people luxury furniture at affordable prices, when we were looking for our own house, we didn't have a great budget, but we didn't want to lose out on quality. Having found what we were looking for, and more, we decided to offer our findings to everybody who wants it, and thus, SophisticatedSofas was born.

Our Offerings...

In order for us to be able to offer the affordable luxury we were looking for, we scoured the country looking for the best suppliers we could. Our basis on our search was the mantra; 'If we wouldn't buy it, we wouldn't sell it'. Each supplier, and each item is carefully selected to ensure this mantra is always met.

How We Do Things....

At SophisticatedSofas, we are not your conventional furniture store. In order for us to be able to offer maximum value for our customers, we brainstormed how we could minimize the costs involved in dispatching, storing, and supplying our products to peoples homes. After discussions with our suppliers, we were able to offer a 'direct-to-customer' package, in theory, this would remove all aspects of the process involved in a customer purchasing new furniture.

By offering our products directly from the supplier, we have been able to reduce the costs involved in storing and dispatching products to you. This means our products can cost less! 

 We hope you enjoy shopping with us, and if you have any questions we have a number of ways you can get in touch with us:

   - Email:

  - Online Chat: Just look in the bottom right hand corner!

  - WhatsApp: Send us a WhatsApp message on +44 330 133 3881


The SophisticatedSofas Team